About us

Minh Duong Furniture Corporation

Founded on 12/12/2002 by Chairman Mr. Duong Minh Chinh and General Director Mr. Duong Minh Dinh under the name Minh Duong Company Limited with 100% Vietnamese capital. Registered in many business lines but Minh Duong focus mainly in exporting processing wood furniture.

On 11/12/2007, licenced by the Department of Planning and Investment of Binh Duong Province, Minh Duong changed the name into Minh Duong Furniture Corporation.

Through out the years, Minh Duong has received many support and consultancy in Production & Quality Management from the professional oganization such as Mekong Support Fund, Cooporation & Development Project from Denmark, Holland... With constant effort to expand business, improve turnover and achieve more markets, within 10 years Minh Dương has grown to become one of Vietnam leaders in indoor furniture export. With legal headquarter and top management located in Binh Duong Province, Vietnam, Minh Duong directly employs over 2,000 people.

Our main products are Living room, Bedroom, Dining Tables & Chairs, TV cabinets, Coffee Tables... We specialized in rubber wood, pine, oak, ash...

Our achievements:

  • Successfully passed renowned customer's audit (SMETA, COSTCO).
  • ISO 9001 Certified by Bureau Veritas in May 2011.
  • FSC 100% or FSC Mix Certified by Bureau Veritas in May 2018.
  • Carrying out CSR (Commitment of Social Responsibility) for all employees and ensure all of the working conditions and facilities are up to standards.
  • 5 years continuously in Top 50 Enterprises Export Wooden Furniture in Vietnam.
  • Awarded Certificates of Merit of the title “BUSINESS PERFORMANCE ACHIEVED IN EXPORT FURNITURE”.

Vision & Mission


To become Vietnam's most competitive and reliable furniture manufacturing company with worldwide customers.


  • To provide high quality products at competitive price.
  • Continuous improvement on technology to offer more variety of products.
  • To commit on-time delivery.
  • To offer professional customer services.
  • To constantly upgrade management system to improve operation.


Minh Duong Furniture started as a family business in 2002 by Mr. Duong Minh Chinh & Mr Duong Minh Dinh. It is their father’s final wish to have a small business to create jobs and income for family members, relatives and fellows. It is more social purpose than business at the time.

With a small budget and Mr. Dinh’s experience in wood processing field, they started Minh Duong Co. Ltd. Members at the time are all families and closed friends. Minh Duong bought a piece of land, materials, and employed workers. The company was founded in December 2002 and officially went into production in April 2003 with a small factory, 18m x 95m with around 50 to 70 workers. That was Factory 1.

As a new and small company, with no experience in local market as well as export market, Minh Duong struggled to find customers and gain trust from suppliers. The first 5 months was very difficult.

A great opportunity came when we met and established business relationship with Mr. Choi, a Korean customer who was looking for good manufacturers. Demand meets supply; together we build up extremely good export market. We expanded the reserved land to open to Factory 2. After one year, we already increased number of workers to 200 people and focused entirely on export market.

Over the following 5 years, as additional orders and opportunities became available, Minh Duong grew to 4 more additional factories. Minh Duong bought extra land in the same location, bringing the total area to 4.7 hecta as it is today.

On 11 December 2007, Minh Duong changed its name to Minh Duong Furniture Corporation with the charter capital of 65.5 billion VND.

Foreseeing the fast development of Vietnam’s furniture industry and determined to leverage on its current revenue, Minh Duong invested in opening another 1 indoor furniture manufacturing companies Chu Lai.

Minh Duong Chu Lai Furniture Corporation

Fully-owned – December 2009.
Area: 6.5 hecta
Address: Slot 10, Street No. 4, North Chu Lai Industrial Zone, Tam Hiep Ward, Nui Thanh Town, Quang Nam Province, Vietnam.

Minh Duong Furniture Trading Corporation

In 2009, Minh Duong decided to focus on developing its brand name in Vietnam’s local market.
Minh Duong Furniture Trading Corporation was founded in August 2010 with 2 showrooms to offer quality home furnishings to Vietnamese customers.