The Ancestral Anniversary of Furniture Industry
12 January, 2023

From March 22-25, HawaExpo 2023- one of the biggest exhibitions on furniture industry in Vietnam will be held. With the participation of domestic and international businesses in Southeast Asia.

Minh Duong is very honored to be the only representative of Vietnam present in the Asean Pavillion booth with businesses from Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, etc.

Although we have attended many exhibitions, the special feature this time when participating in the Asean Pavillion, we were helped by a team of Singapore design company to choose well-designed products and display and decorate the booth, calculate the flow so that the exhibition space is both lively and convenient for visitors to experience products.

We are looking forward to the opening day of the exhibition to immerse ourselves in the vibrant trade atmosphere as well as meet international customers and friends in Southeast Asia.

Come visit Minh Duong booth at Asean Pavillion – HawaExpo 2023

See you on February 22-25 at SECC.