From colleagues to close friendship!

Thuan An City Confederation of Labour gave gifts to Minh Duong workers
12 April, 2021
15 April, 2021

Most people think that the office environment always contains a lot of pressure and office politics. Colleagues often have fear of competition and jealousy from one another.

Maybe this is true somewhere, but NOT in Minh Duong Furniture.

We respectfully introduce one of the pairs who get along well with each other, extremely well-matched not only for work but also for problems in life. They are Ms. Thuy Trang and Ms. Kien Truc in the Sales Department, they understand the partner’s thoughts through each gesture and eye contact, and as close as a family member.

Therefore, they bring outstanding contribution to the sales department as well as the company.

Note: The two will together represent Minh Duong Furniture to participate in Vietnam Furniture Matching Week which takes place from April 12-19th, 2021. Offline furniture sourcing day is scheduled on 14th April 2021 at White Palace – Phạm Văn Đồng. We hope to meet and connect with many customers there!