Manufacturing Process


Material Preparation

- Processed dry timber (humidity <10%) from Store A will be planed and cut to be separated into different sizes & quality grade; then move to Store B in specific areas.
- For each order plan, timber from Store B will be sent to production floor to be finger-joint, glued, rip-sawed & cut to their size & quantity, prepared for forming stage.

Forming & Sanding

- Cut wood is then fraised, tenoned, drilled into its shape and design to acquire its features.
- These components are then carefully sanded to round all sharp edges and smoothen out all surfaces.
- Quality check and touch up for defects (if any), and sent to dyeing area.

Dyeing & Assembling

- Depending on specific requirements, components will be dyed by: Stain (spray gun), Wiping (fabric) or Dipping.
- Each component will be assembled accordingly to form the part of the intended furniture or a complete product itself.
- Quality check before sending to finishing.

Finishing & Packing

- Assembled parts will be given a layer of sealer followed by scruffing with soft sanding paper.
- Quality check for smoothness and match colors before finishing with a final Top coat.

QC & Delivery

- 5 hours after top coat, products will be inspected 100% by our QC team and packed into carton boxes.
- Final QC team will do last quality check from random cartons and complete inspection report.
- inished products will be loaded into containers and shipped out to our customers all around the world.


While focusing on skill training programs for workers, Minh Duong also invest on improving production line and purchasing more modern machineries.

100% of our machines are new with 80% imported from overseas (50% from Taiwan & 30% from Italy and Germany). Other simple machines are selected and purchased from locally-produced sources.

We continuously invest in improving our machines and production facilities in order to achieve a higher degree of automation in all functions.

Testing & Prototyping

Most of our products are OEM designs, we are able to develop and manufacture any special design or requirement that customers may have.

With 20 R&D staffs, Minh Duong has an expereienced team to ensure fast quotation and samples as customer requires.

A development workshop allows Minh Duong to develop products before lauching into production in the more accurate and effective way for each customer. Minh Duong is improving the experise of product development team to continue bringing best quality and safety into each product.

Quality Control

Minh Duong’s dedicated QC team is formed based on professional quality control system to ensure products to be checked from front to final.

To guarantee that the product meets both Minh Duong’s own quality control standards as well as those of its customers, each individual piece is trial assembled before being shipped to the customer.

By adhering to only the highest standards of quality and professionalism, Minh Duong’s goal is to build a solid upon which its business relationships can be developed.


We are concerned to the loss of tropical rainforests. Therefore, we are actively in collaborating with our suppliers to cultivate forest to contribute the ecological balance.

Besides, Minh Duong believes that it is only by supporting a commercially responsible timber trade that the world's forests can be protected. It is Minh Duong’s policy that timber used in the production of our furniture comes from responsible sources.