From colleagues to close friendship!
12 Tháng Tư, 2021

As part of activities of Vietnam Furniture Matching Week, Furniture Sourcing Day on 14th April 2021 is considered the most anticipating activity!

Gathering more than 300 guests who are producers, representative offices, sourcing units, local and international media, in order to build a community connecting Vietnamese producers with Representative Offices and promote long-term cooperation relationships.

This event helps Vietnamese manufacturers and international buyers solve the trade problem in the context that Covid-19 is still hindering global connectivity.

At the end of the event, Minh Duong had the opportunity to connect with more than 10 potential customers, setting the stage for future business cooperation. Besides, we also learned more knowledge as well as trends in the furniture industry.

Minh Duong Furniture would like to send our sincere thanks to HAWA for organizing such a practical and useful event. Hopefully HAWA will continue to gain more success and reorganize more Vietnam Furniture Matching Week in the upcoming months.